• Time to upgrade to Magento 2

    If you own and operate a Magento CE webshop then you must have received following push notifications from Magento already. It shows up when you login to your Magento backoffice.

    The message darmatically says:

    Magento Open Source 1 is sunsetting. Migration assistance and funding available.

    We’re sunsetting Magento Open Source 1, but a new day is dawning with Magento Commerce 2. We’ve teamed up with our trusted premiere partners to make migration a breeze for you. Learn how we can help evolve your online retail experience and drive sales growth: http://bit.ly/2WsMyXP...

  • Bestselling Magento extensions by Hungersoft

    First month of a new year brings in new budget, new plans, bigger dreams and more opportunities. It also gives us an opportunity to look back at all our achievements from the previous year. As developers of premium quality Magento 1 and 2 extensions, nothing makes us more happy than selling our extensions to happy and satisfied clients. Each sale at Hungersoft.com is a validation to our belief and is an achievement in itself. We would like to dedicate this post to some of our best Magento products....


    It is very important to keep your Magento webshop updated with all latest security patches. Not doing so can make your webshop vulnerable to attacks and leaks.

    Magento has released a new security patch (SUPEE-10975) on 28th November, 2018! This new security patch contains some security enhancements that can help you close vulnerabilities like remote code execution (RCE), cross-site request forgery (CSRF) and cross-site scripting (XSS). It also adds some more security enhancements to the CE build. You can read more about it here....

  • Magento 2.X: Edit Terms & Condition text on checkout page

    In the age of GDPR and ever evolving privacy laws, it is always safe to inform your customers of all your terms & conditions, privacy policies and any other information that might affect the customer directly. It becomes even more important on the page where customers provide all their personal and financial data and submit their order, ie. checkout page.

    Fortunately, Magento has an in-built and easy-to-use feature using which you can use to display your terms & conditions text on checkout page and make customers accept them before placing an order on your webshop....

  • Are you ready for Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

    Black Friday marks the beginning of year-end shopping season. The term and phenomena originated in USA originally but it has been gradually gathering momentum in many parts of the world. Black Friday is also followed by Cyber Monday which was created specifically for and by the online retailers to push some more products and offers. This mass-advertised and heavily promoted event creates a unique frenzy amongst shoppers and they end up spening a lot more than other periods. For many businesses, it is the biggest sale period of the year and they make most of their profit during this season. If you are a business that wants to clear out some inventory then you cannot afford to miss this great shopping event. If you plan and execute it well then it can do wonders for your business and morale....

  • Manage '404 page not found' in Magento

    In our previous blog post, we talked about importance of '404 error' pages in a website and also analysed '404 error' pages of some popular websites. You can read the full article here.

    '404 page not found' page is as important in a Magento webshop as they are in any other website. Fortunately, Magento has a manageable '404' page by default. You can easily edit and manage the Magento '404 error' page or you can even create your own custom '404 error' page from Magento backend....

  • Use your '404 error' page effectively

    “Error 404”, “Page Not Found”, "HTTP 404" or "404 Not Found" is a standard HTTP status code. It is displayed when the requested document does not exists on the server.

    In simpler words, '404 error' means that the client (your browser in most cases) was able to communicate with the server but the server could not find what you asked for.

    When a visitor clicks on a broken link in your website or tries to open a url that does not exists anymore (or never existed) then they are shown a 404 error page....

  • Generate XML sitemap in Magento 2.X

    Last week we wrote about importance of robots.txt and how you can easily create one from backoffice of your Magento OS 2.X webshop. You can read the full article here.

    Adding an XML sitemap is another common SEO practise that alot of new webshop owners miss. Sitemaps are very important if you want search engines to index your website correctly and efficiently.

    In simple words, a sitemap is a list or map of all pages available in a website. You will commonly find two types of sitemaps on websites:...

    1. XML sitemap: This is a structured listing (in XML format) created for web crawlers of search engines....

  • Robots.txt in Magento 2.X

    Robots.txt is a text file used to inform and instruct search engine robots and other crawlers (such as mobile crawlers and desktop crawlers) about the pages and urls of your website.

    This text file is placed in root directory of your websop and bots look for this file when they visit your site to index it.

    Using a robots.txt file you can instruct crawlers and bots about the parts of your website that they should crawl and parts that they should ignore. You can give these crawl instructions by allowing or disallowing the behaviour of user agents. This helps search engine bots and crawlers to easily go through the allowed areas of your site and skip disallowed areas....

  • Database clean-up for Magento CE 1.X

    If you have a Magento CE 1.X webshop then that means it might also be old by now. Does it runs and loads slower with each passing day?

    This slow-down could be due to the size of your Magento database. The size of the database can depend on alot of factors, including number of products in your webshop. With time, Magento database also ends up collecting alot of junk logs and un-necessary data. The bloated database can eat-up alot of disk-space of your server and it can slow down your webshop's frontend and backend. A slow webshop is never good for sales and business. Therefore, it is highly recomened that you regularly clean-up your Magento database. There are many easy ways to do that....

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