• Export product data from Magento 2.X

    More and more people are shopping online, and to fulfil that demand, more and more businesses are offering billions of products at millions of webshops across the world.

    Many webshop administrators tend to get baffled with their product data as their business grows and hence product catalog grows as well. It is not an easy task to manage and edit hundreds and thousands of products in a webshop. Fortunately, Magento realised this obstacle long ago and hence there has always been an Export and Import tool inbuilt into all Magento versions. Magento 2.X is no different. It has its own Export and Import mechanism which can be used for many purposes....

  • Disable forced backend password change in Magento 2.X

    Hungersoft has been working extensively with Magento 2 since the time it was released. We have developed and launched many M2 based webshops and even developed some amazing extensions for Magento 2 that you can find here. We like the fact that Magento 2 is growing in market-share with each passing day and is poised to become a leading E-commerce platform in near future. We are also happy to see that it is getting more secure and feature-rich. It is still not perfect yet but it indeed is getting better and smoother. Magento team has also added alot of new security features that were lacking in Magento 1. These features are not limited to architecture and code base but also extend to front-end and back-office level....

  • GDPR extensions for Magento webshops

    It has been almost 2 months since the EUGDPR compliance deadline (25th May 2018) passed by. Is your business and websites compliant yet?

    We certainly made our websites and projects compliant and also shared a related blog post with the community. You can read it here.

    However,  alot of businesses are still working on this or are not taking it seriously enough. Magento community also took its own sweet time to come up with solutions and extensions that can help in making Magento webshops compliant with the latest privacy laws....

  • Currency conversion rates not updating in Magento CE 1.X - Solved!

    In a globalised world, it is important that customers are able to order and purchase products from businesses located across the world. Easiest way of doing that is by using official or authorised webshops. Businesses understand that now and hence alot of webshops are multi-currency these days. Ie. visitors are able to select their own currency in global webshops and see product prices and other amounts in their own local currency. We too have a lot of clients whose webshops have multiple currencies enabled for their customers....

  • Security patch SUPEE-10752 released for Magento CE 1.X

    In an earlier post, we listed down all recently launched security patches for Magento CE 1.X . You can read that post here.

    Magento has released yet another security patch (SUPEE-10752) on 27th June, 2018! It contains multiple security enhancements to close authenticated Admin user remote code execution (RCE), cross-site request forgery (CSRF) and some other issues and holes. You can read more about it here....

    This patch is applicable to all webshops developed on Magento CE versions lower than It is advised that you get this patch implemented on your Magento CE 1.X webshops as soon as possible....

  • Improve sales using Related, Up-sell and Cross-sell products in Magento

    Your e-commerce store is not very different from physical retail stores. It might not have the walls and windows but it works on same basic principles as any physical merchant establishment.

    As in retail outlets, the biggest challenge a webshop owner faces is to increase foot-fall and hence bring in visitors to the webshop. This is generally done by advertisement and marketing in real world and by SEO, SEM and Adwords in digital world. Once you have visitors, you have to turn them into customers using high quality products, great prices, excellent services and various promotional schemes. However, you cannot afford to stop your efforts at that stage. Once you have successfully converted a visitor into a customer, you have to try and entice them to buy more products from you. Your aim should be to provide all the products and related accessories that the customer might need....

  • Generate SSH keys in Windows

    We recently set-up a nice server environment for one of our newer clients. Like all our other servers, we made it accessible only via authorised key-pairs. Yes, there are no passwords to access that server. It can only be accessed by authorised keys. We had to explain our client why it is a more secure method and how it also makes it easy to control who accesses their server. During the process we realised that this method is still not widely used, so we thought we would write a quick post about it this week....

  • Security patches for Magento CE 1.x

    Magento community is steadily moving towards full adoption of Magento 2.x. More and more merchants are migrating to Magento 2.x and hence more developers and agencies are developing Magento 2.x projects enthusiastically. It is also getting stable as a platform with each passing day. However, like any new system, it still has many open issues and technical flaws that need to be sorted out soon.

    This also means that Magento 1.x is still alive and being used widely. Hungersoft recommends that no new projects should be developed using Magento 1.x as base but the 1.x webshops that are already live can continue to run as long as the merchant wishes to. For that to happen, it is very important that you keep your Magento CE 1.x webshop updated with all security patches released by Magento. This will not only keep your webshop secure and safe but will also help you exending its life and hence saving you alot of money for the time being. If you have not been keeping your Magento CE 1.x webshop updated with latest security patches then you should get it done on urgent basis. It is even more important with EUGDPR in place now. Keeping your customer data secure is fully your responsibility and these security patches will help you with that....

  • Hungersoft got Blogged!

    Hungersoft continuously strives to develop and deliver best Magento 1 and Magento 2 extensions for our customers. We develop and test all our products with utmost care and then provide great support for them. We try to answer every query and resolve every issue on urgent basis. We take pride in the fact that our customers can discuss their projects and challenges directly with our developers.

    We get compliments and nice reviews from alot of our happy customers on regular basis and we truly love them all. Some of our products have also been recognised by many Magento community members and even other companies. This solidifies our mission to develop and deliver high quality Magento extensions and provide best-in-class support and services....

  • Move your tags to GTM

    In our previous post, we talked about EUGDPR compliance and one of our suggestion was that you should move all your tracking tags to Google Tag Manager.

    A lot of users asked us how they can do that, so in this blog post we are going to discuss some of those tags.

    A lot of web-based traffic tracking tools ask users to add some code snippet to the head, body or footer of their site and pages.

    These code snippets are called 'Tags' and they are responsible for collecting and sending data to their respective service platform....

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