We update our extensions as necessary with new features, improvements, patches and bug fixes. We offer free upgrades for 1 year on all our paid products. After the free period, the customer can request to renew the support and update service by contacting us. Hungersoft.com reserves the right to determine which products are to be updated and whether or not to discontinue any products and updates. Irrespective of whether a product is discontinued or not, service will be provided for products that are purchased until the the end of the support period. The decision on whether or not to provide service on the discontinued products after the expiry of the support period is the sole prerogative of Hungersoft.com


Access to Products

Access to our products is immediately available as soon as the payment is accepted and verified. If you cannot access a product after successfully completing a payment, please check the status of your payment in your Hungersoft.com account interface, or via the payment processor interface, or contact us for verification.


Email Address

Valid email address must be provided for any support requests as it may be necessary for communication purposes.

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