Most Magento webshop administrators already know that they can manage SEO tags like title, keywords and description of a CMS page from Magento backend easily. There is separate tab for 'Meta data' (M1) and Search Engine Optimisation (M2) for this purpose. Not many know that it is also possible to easily edit and manage meta robots tag for any Magento page CMS page from backend. This option can be used to put pages to noindex, nofollow where you don’t want search engines to index duplicate or unnecessary content....

  • Wordpress: Coming soon / Maintenance page

    The first step towards building a new WordPress website/blog is to get a domain and hosting space. Development phase and content entry comes later on.

    But what do you do with the domain while your website is still being built? Do you leave it blank or display the frontend which is still under-development (and hence look messy)?

    The best way to use the domain and the development time is to display a 'Coming soon' page to visitors on the site url. This can generate some interest in your new site/brand and your visitors will also not be completely disappointed. It is also a good way to get your domain indexed by search engines even before your site is ready for public....

  • New products not getting displayed on Magento frontend - Checklist

    One of the common problems that new webshop owners face is that they happily create a new product in their webshop but it does not shows up on the frontend. They then spend alot of time trying to figure out what could be wrong and more often than not, it is just a minor mistake they made while creating that product. This week we decided to make a quick checklist that you need go through if you have created a product in your Magento webshop but it is not being displayed on the frontend....

    1. Check product status...

  • Google Universal Analytics in Magento

    Magento comes pre-loaded with alot of wonderful features that can help you run and optimise your webshop easily and efficiently. Once of them is the integration with Google Universal Analytics.

    In case you don't already know, you can use Google Universal Analytics gives you the ability to track, monitor and analyze all visitors and interactions on your webshop. You can read more about it from here....

    Before you start using this Google analytics feature in your Magento webshop, you need to create an account at Google Analytics....

  • Magento 1 official support ends in June 2020

    On 6th September 2018, Joe Ayyoub (Director of Support Operations at Magento) put a rest to all speculations about Magento 1.x end of life date.

    He clarified that Magento Inc. is still fully committed to supporting their Magento 1.x eCommerce platform. You can read the official statement here.

    This is a good news and will soothe alot of nerves as merchants were getting worried as they still have their webshops based on Magento 1.x. Developing a new webshop from scratch is a time and resource intensive task and hence needs months....

  • Pop-up extensions for Magento

    Last week we talked about different kinds of pop-ups that you can use on your websites and webshops. You can read the full post here.

    This week we decided to list down 5 Pop-up extensions that can help you with creating great pop-ups on your Magento 1 and Magento 2 webshops. Here they are:

    1. Magebird Magento Popup Extension

    For Magento 1: They claim to be the best rated pop-up extension and also have tools that can help you boost conversions. This extension can help you with your newsletter pop-up, exit intent pop-up, dynamic coupons pop-up etc. It will let you connect to all major newsletter services like Mailchimp, AWeber, MailerLite, Constant Contact etc. It has advanced analytics tools which you can use to gauge performance and impact of your pop-ups. It also provides you with alot of styles and effects to choose from. It is highly configurable and has almost all features that you expect from a pop-up extension. You can read all about it from here....

  • Effectively use Pop-ups on your website

    Today we will talk about how you can use website pop-ups to increase interaction with your visitors and customers. Pop-ups are one of the most frequently used marketing tools on websites and webshops now-a-days. Pop-ups are basically those small windows/boxes that appear floating over the site interface temporarily. They are displayed to visitors when they are surfing the website and they can be closed away easily. Most of the times pop-ups contain important information or advertisement related to the website/business itself....

  • Magento Open Source 2.X - Search mechanism

    Search is one of the more important features in any webshop and website. Almost every visitor uses it while accessing your shop and visitors who use the search mechanism also have higher chances of turning into real customers. That is, if a visitor is searching for something then that means they know what they want to buy and are out there looking for it. We believe the site navigation is useful for the casual visitors but search mechanism is the most important feature for a focussed/determined visitor....

  • Cron jobs

    UNIX systems use cron daemon to schedule and run tasks at a specific dates and times. Crontab contains instructions for the cron daemon to execute. You can use <code>crontab</code> command to specify the tasks that need to be executed repeatedly (hourly, weekly, etc.)

    Crontab Format

    The format contains 6 fields, 5 fields are used to specify the time and the 6th is used for the command that needs be executed. Following is a general representation of a cron job:...

    * * * * * {Command to be executed}...

  • Magento issue diagnosis for dummies

    This week we are going to talk about how even non-technical webshop administrators can provide first-aid in case of Magento emergencies.

    Before we go further, we have to state that this article is not meant for Magento developers or technical experts. If you are a developer then stop reading it right here.

    However, if you are someone who does not writes any code but manages a Magento webshop then you are at the right place. This post is only for non-technical or techno-functional store managers/administrators who are responsible for managing and running Magento webshops....

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