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One of the common problems that new webshop owners face is that they happily create a new product in their webshop but it does not shows up on the frontend. They then spend alot of time trying to figure out what could be wrong and more often than not, it is just a minor mistake they made while creating that product. This week we decided to make a quick checklist that you need go through if you have created a product in your Magento webshop but it is not being displayed on the frontend.

1. Check product status
Make sure that the product status is marked as 'Enabled' in backend. Disabled products are not visible on frontend.
If it is a configurable, grouped or bundle product then you should also make sure that its associated simple products are enabled as well.

2. Check product stock
Once you know that your product is enabled, the next step is to check if the product has any stock available or not. IBy default, Out-of-stock products are not visible on frontend.
The 'Stock status' should be 'In stock' and there should also be a positive value in Quantity field.
If it is a configurable, grouped or bundle product then you also should check if at-least one associated simple product is also marked as 'In stock' and has a positive quantity value.Product stock status

Note that you can display out of stock products in your webshop if you want. You can enable that from Magento backend > Stores > Settings > Configuration > Catalog > Inventory > Stock options > Display Out of Stock Products = Yes > Save

3. Check category association
If you do not add your products to their respective categories then they will not be displayed on list pages of those categories.
They will still be visible if you search for them but alot of visitors browse through categories so it is always advised to associate your products to appropriate categories.

Category association
4. Check product visibility
There are 4 visibility options available in Magento:
a. Not visible individually: If you select this option for a product then it will not be visible on frontend. This is the recommended value only for associated simple products (variants).
b. Catalog: If you select this option, the product will be visible on category product list pages only.
c. Search: If this option is selected your product will be reachable only via search mechanism on frontend
d. Catalog, Search: This is the recommended option. It makes sure that your product is displayed on category list pages and is also available via search mechanism.

Product visibility

5. Check product's website
It is very important that the product is associated to correct site(s). This feature helps when you have multiple sites in a Magento build and want to display products only on specific site.
You can also select all available websites if you want to display that product on all your sites.

Product website association

6. Run re-index
Magento indexes and keeps the data ready to be displayed quickly. When you make changes to the product or category data, it also needs to be added to the indexes.
This can be done via running the re-indexes. This can be done via cron jobs or ssh commands. Ask your Magento developer to do it.

7. Clear cache
If you are still not seeing your product on frontend then it could be due to cache. You should clear Magento cache from backend and also your browser cache to be sure
Refer to these instructions if you do not know how to clear your browser cache.
You can clear Magento cache from Backend > System> Cache Management > Tick select the cache types that you want to refresh >  Select Refresh from action dropdown and click on Submit button. You can also use the ‘Flush Magento Cache’ and ‘Flush Cache Storage' buttons. Or you can also do it via commandline.

8. Re-deploy static content
This is applicable only when you have a live Magento 2.X webshop running in production mode. You can ask your Magento developer to re-deploy static content.
You can find more information about production mode in one of our previous blog post.

Feel free to contact Hungersoft if your products are still not showing up on your website's frontend. We will be more than happy to help you with any issues that you have with your webshop.

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