It has been almost 2 months since the EUGDPR compliance deadline (25th May 2018) passed by. Is your business and websites compliant yet?
We certainly made our websites and projects compliant and also shared a related blog post with the community. You can read it here.

However,  alot of businesses are still working on this or are not taking it seriously enough. Magento community also took its own sweet time to come up with solutions and extensions that can help in making Magento webshops compliant with the latest privacy laws.

There are a few extensions available now that can help you with making your Magento webshop GDPR compliant. In this blog post, we will list down 5 of them:

1. Amasty GDPR
Core features:
- You can create and update your privacy policy, manage document versions etc.
- You can also Email users about privacy policy updates and ask for consent
- Using this extension, you can manage customer consents on the grid
- You can also log actions related to privacy policy
- It helps you with clearly informing store visitors about your cookie policy using the cookie bar with custom text and 'Agree' button.
- It allows your customers to download, anonymize or request to delete personal data

Click here to go to their M1 extension page and Magento 2 version can be found here. They offer 60 days money back guarantee, free lifetime updates and 90 days of free support.

2. Aheadworks GDPR for Magento 2
Core features:
- It allows you to comply with most GDPR regulations, especially the sections about the right to be informed, access, erasure, and data portability rights
- It can help you to collect data protection policy consents on your registration, checkout, and other pages
- It adds Improvements to customer accounts that allow customers to ask to delete or copy their personal data
- They have also added a customer verification mechanism that protects data against fraudulent activity
- In the backoffice, you can also segment customers by their statuses and intentions using grids added by the extension.
- Their extensions adds API sections that allow retrieving and deleting data from third-party applications

They did not launch an M1 version, their M2 extension can be found here. They offer 45 day Money Back guarantee with 90 days of free support for the extension and even free installation and lifetime updates.

3. Zero1 GDPR
Core features:
- Cookie Notification Popup requesting active consent from your visitors upon entering your website.
- Delete customer and anonymise Data from Admin or Front-end
- Allows you to anonymise customer data from Customer, Sales, Quotes tables
- They claim to have partnered up with a law firm specialising in supporting the other requirements such as onsite documentation such as Privacy, Terms & Conditions and Cookie Policy.

You can purchase their M1 extension from here and M2 extension from here.

4. Scomerce mage - MAGENTO 1 GDPR COMPLIANCE
Core features:
- This module allows you to implement cookie notification
- Privacy consent check-box on all the forms where personal data is getting collected
- Full customer data export including guest customers
- Customer data deletion along with anonymization of their sales data.

You can read more about their M1 extension from here and they also have a M2 extension which can be purchased from here.

5. Meetanshi Magento GDPR
Core features:
- It can help you create or modify the privacy policy of your Magento store according to GDPR or any local rules.
- You can notify your customers in bulk, about updates in your privacy policy and ask for their consent easily using this extension.
- It also adds privacy policy compliance on your checkout and registration pages.
- It has backend grid for privacy policy replies.
- It allows your customers to download their personal data in form of a CSV file, or even to submit a request to delete their account or anonymize their data.
- You can send Emails to users to request their consent regarding the new or existing privacy policy.
- It logs also actions related to privacy policy consent and account information performed by users and this is displayed in backend so that the webshop administrator can monitor it.
- It also add the functionality to export users data based on provided privacy policy consents.

You can purchase thier M1 extension from here and M2 extension from here.

We are expecting more extensions and improvements in these solutions to be launched soon. Hungersoft did not create a standard extension for GDPR compiance but have enough experience to help you with this challange at any level of complexity.
Feel free to write to Hungersoft if you want to make your Magento webshop GDPR compliant.

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