If you own and operate a Magento CE webshop then you must have received following push notifications from Magento already. It shows up when you login to your Magento backoffice.

The message darmatically says:

Magento Open Source 1 is sunsetting. Migration assistance and funding available.
We’re sunsetting Magento Open Source 1, but a new day is dawning with Magento Commerce 2. We’ve teamed up with our trusted premiere partners to make migration a breeze for you. Learn how we can help evolve your online retail experience and drive sales growth: http://bit.ly/2WsMyXP

This notification tells us that Magento wants all merchants using Magento 1.X to upgrade to Magento 2.X as soon as possible. To make the process easier, they are also offering a no-cost assessment of your Magento 1 webshop. Magento has also partnered up with some technology partners to assist all merchants who wish to upgrade to Magento 2.X.

Note that Magento is also waving off first 6 months fee if you commit to a minimum of 42-month term for Magento Commerce 2. To be eligible fo this offer, you need to be already using Magento 1.X or a Magento OpenSource 2 webshop.
That means first time users of Magento cannot avail this offer. There are also some terms and conditions that you should read at official site.

In an earlier post, we had already informed our visitors and customers of this EOL deadline of June 2020 for Magento Community Edition (now knows as Open source) 1.X.
You can read the full post here. We had also created a short FAQ post about this End of life stage of Magento CE 1.X. You can find answers to most of your queries here.

June 2020 is still more than 1 year away, so that gives you plenty of time to plan, design and start building your new webshop in Magento 2.

Feel free to contact Hungersoft for a free consultation. We will analyze your existing webshop and help you migrate to Magento 2.X smoothy. We will also migrate all your category, products, customers, orders and cms content from your Magento 1.X webshop to your brand new Magento 2.X webshop.

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