First month of a new year brings in new budget, new plans, bigger dreams and more opportunities. It also gives us an opportunity to look back at all our achievements from the previous year. As developers of premium quality Magento 1 and 2 extensions, nothing makes us more happy than selling our extensions to happy and satisfied clients. Each sale at is a validation to our belief and is an achievement in itself. We would like to dedicate this post to some of our best Magento products.
We proudly present to you Top-5 of our highest selling Magento extensions in year 2018:

1. Hide product price (for Magento 2)
This is our top selling Magento 2 extension.
Our sales figure do prove that ability to manage how product prices are displayed on frontend is a great feature to have in your Magento webshop.
Some of the best features of this extension are:


  • You can hide product prices on specific categories (product list) pages
  • You can also hide product prices for guest customers
  • It gives you options to hide product prices for customers belonging to specific customer group(s)
  • It can help you hide prices only on certain products by disabling the hide feature on those products. This can also be done in a batch.
  • You can also enable / disable the extension per store view.
  • It also allows you to hide Wishlist button or hide Compare button when price is hidden.
  • You can also choose whether to display a message as plain text or button link or a text link.
Magento 2 hide product price

2. One Step Checkout (for Magento 2)
It is no wonder that our OSC module sold well. A good checkoutpage can make or break your webshop and ours can simplify the checkout process for your customers.
OSC module by Hungersoft is developed using standard Magento 2 checkout logic and flow. This makes it highly compatible to most other third party extensions that are built for Magento checkout. This also makes it compatible with most payment and shipping method extensions.
Some of the top features include:

  • Our OSC comes with a responsive design and layout by default.
  • One of the best features of this OSC extension is that it is integrated with Google Address Suggest. This helps your customers to search and fill their address on checkout page quickly.
  • You can easily manage the order in which address fields will appear on frontend.
  • It has options to display messages or instructions in shipping method and payment method blocks.
  • It has the option to display Coupon code block on your checkout page
  • It displays cart and total review boxes nicely and clearly, which is highly appreciated by customers
  • You can easily add useful options like Gift wrap, Newsletter subscription, Survey forms, Delivery date and time picker etc.
  • You can also manage the location of your final Place order button.


One Step Checkout extension by Hungersoft

3. Customer Approval (for Magento 2)
Using this great extension, you can easily manage customer registrations at your Magento 2 webshop. You can choose to approve or reject new registrations from Magento backend.
It also sends you notifications when a new customer registers on your webshop, allowing you to take timely action. Not only that, it can also notify your customers when their registration application gets approved or rejected.
Some of the best features of this extension are:

  • Allows you to manage registration applications in batch straight from 'Manage Customers' grid.
  • You can also approve or reject a single customer from 'Manage customers' list section or also from specific customer detail page.
  • For easy overview of customer status, it displays customer approval status 'Manage customers' list section
  • You can also choose to automatically approve customer accounts.
  • By default, it comes packaged with email templates for approval, rejection and admin notification emails. You can easily edit these email templates further or you can also select your own custom email templates for each purpose.
  • You can display error message for customers whose accounts do not get approved.
  • You can also set-up a redirect rule for customers whose accounts do to not get approved. This allows you to send them to an information page with more details about the process.


4. Premium Tablerates (for Magento 2)
Our Premium Tablerates extension adds a very useful feature when it comes to setting up advanced shipping rates based on destination, weight, qty and price. It allows you to create complex shipping rate rules using in-built algorithms. You can also easily import shipping rate rules using a CSV file.
Some of the best features of this extension are:

  • Define rates based on destination(country, region, city and postcode), weight, cart price and quantity.
  • Comes with pre-built algorithms to apply shipping rates based on complex requirements by the shipping carrier. There are many algorithms available that can be used to configure complex rules.
  • Helps with Postcode fields too. Ie. you can enter length of postcode that can be used. Adds numeric range and Pattern based postcode filtering. It even has custom filtering for UK and Canadian postcodes.
  • You can configure and display multiple shipping methods for different locations.
  • You can easily export existing shipping rates or also export blank CSV file to be used as a format to import your shipping rules.
  • Using this extension, you can configure the webshop to calculate shipping rates on tax inclusive or tax exclusive prices.
  • It can help you to configure packing weight (a fixed weight to be added to the total weight of the package) to the shipping weight automatically.


5. GEOIP Redirect (for Magento 2)
Displaying correct content to your visitors and customers is of utmost importance. You simple cannot afford to display wrong currency or wrong language to your visitors.
This GEOIP redirect extension helps you to redirect your customers to correct store-views, custom URLs or correct currency, based on their location. Ie. it can automatically detect correct location from where the visitor is accessing your webshop and based on this info, the customer can be redirected to appropriate store, currency and language.
Some of the best features of this extension are:
  • It can accurately detect visitor's location. It uses extensive and up-to-date database of IP address to determine location of the visitor.
  • You can choose to redirect to store view or a url based on customer's IP location.
  • It can also switch currency of the store based on customer's IP location.
  • The best part if that you can specify a fall-back URL per store.
  • You can exclude certain IPs, specific URLs and even certain User agents (such as search engine bots) from this redirect mechanism.
GEOIP Redirect extension by Hungersoft


We will continue to strive harder and deliver premium quality Magento 1 and Magento 2 extensions to our customers. Thank you for all your support in form of your orders.

Feel free to contact us if you have any feedback, suggestions or queries regarding our Magento extensions.

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