Redirect your customers to the respective storeviews, custom URLs or switch the currency for the store automatically based on their location.

  • Automatically detect visitor's location
  • Redirect visitor to appropriate store view using their location
  • Redirect visitor to the configured URL based on their location
  • Switch store currency to the currency configured for that location.
  • and more...
2.0.0 - 2.4.x CE & EE

Price: $79.00

The GeoIP Redirect extension allows you to redirect your Magento 2 store customers to different storeviews depending on the location of the visitor. You can also redirect your visitors to custom URLs or switch currency based on the visitor's country.

Redirection Logic:

Choose whether to redirect only specific URLs or all URLs. You can also exclude certain IPs(, etc.) and/or user agents(googlebot, bingbot etc.) from being redirected.

Redirect visitors to particular a store view:

The extension automatically detects the user location using their IP address and redirect them to the store view that matches their location as specified by the store owner. You can also choose to force specific IPs to a specific store even when the IPs do not match the respective countries.

Redirect visitors to the specified URLs:

Alternative to redirecting the customers to a particular store view, the you can also redirect the customer based on their country to a specified URL. This gives the you the ability to redirect the customers to an external URL such as an external website separate from the Magento 2 build.

Switch customer currency:

You can choose to switch the store currency on the same storeview that the visitor is browsing in based on the their country.

URL Redirection:

An additional option is available to set a per store redirect URL in case any of the other logic configured doesn't match the visitor data. This can be used in cases such as when a store needs to be closed down and the visitors redirected to another location.

Features Included

  • Detect visitor's location using IP address
  • Redirect to store view based on IP location.
  • Redirect to URL by IP location.
  • Switch Currency based on IP location.
  • Specify a fallback URL per store.
  • Exclude certain IPs.
  • Exclude specific URLs.
  • Exclude certain User agents (such as googlebot etc.).
  • Force IP to a specific store view.


  • Free updates for 1 year.
  • Free support for 1 year. If you have any issues with the extension purchased please contact us using the contact form or by using the live chat.
  • Meets magento standard development practices. No core files will be over written.
  • 100% open source.
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