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Hungersoft's Customer Group Selector extension (for Magento 2.x) allows your customers to select their own customer group from Registration page and My account > Account information page of your Magento webshop. Once this extension is installed and configured in your Magento 2.x webshop, your customers can get associated to their desired customer group by selecting the correct option from the new dropdown added by this extension. It also allows customers to use special/unique codes to get associated to specific/mapped customer groups.

Customer Group Selection extension has following options:

  • Admin can control which customer groups are available for selection by customers on frontend.
  • Admin can choose to make the customer group selection mandatory or non-mandatory.
  • Admin can easily manage the text that is used as title for customer-group selection dropdown/code field on frontend.
  • Admin can choose to display the customer group selector on Registration page or My account section or at both places.


Compatible with Magento OS 2.2.x - 2.3.x and EE.


Web Setup Wizard

  • Unpack extension files:
    • Log in to our website.
    • Download the Base Extension.
    • Unpack the Base extension file downloaded from our site and upload the contents of the file to the root directory of your magento installation.
    • Unpack the purchased extension file downloaded from our site and upload the contents of the file to the root directory of your magento installation.
  • Go to System > Web Setup Wizard.
  • Select component manager to install the extension.
  • Enable Modules:
    • Click on Select link on the Base Extension row(Module Name: HS_All). Click the Enable button on the menu that pops up.
    • Next, click on the Select link on the row corresponding to the extension you downloaded (Module Name: HS_CustomerGroupSelector).
  • Step 1: Readiness Check
    • Click on the button Start Readiness Check to check you are running Magento on a compatible environment.
    • Click Next upon completion of previous step.
  • Step 2: Create Backup
    • Create a backup before you install the extension, by selecting the check-boxes against the Backup Options and clicking the button Create Backup.
    • Click Next, upon completion.
  • Step 3: Enable Module
    • Click on the button Enable.
  • You will see this page as your module installation is in progress. You can check for errors in the Console Log.
  • Module installation complete.



Go to Stores > Settings > Configuration > Hungersoft extension > Open tab Customer Group Selector.

  • General
    Enabled: Select Yes/No to Enable/Disable the Customer Group Selector extension respectively. This can be configured at a store-view level as well if you have a multistore setup.
  • Group Settings
    From this section, you can manage all customer group selection settings.
Enable/disable Customer group selector extension

Once you open Group settings tab, you will see that there are 2 types of customer group selector available. You can use only one type at a time.

  • Selector type: Dropdown
    When you choose 'Dropdown' type, your customers will see a dropdown on frontend. This dropdown will display all available customer groups that the customer can choose from.

  • Selector type: Code
    When you choose 'Code' type, your customers will see a field in which they can enter the 'code' that you would have to provide them.
    Customer group selection using code method
    Before your customers can use these codes, you will have to create unique codes for each available customer group from Magento backend extension settings section. You can do this by clicking on 'Add code' button. On right side you will have a dropdown with available customer groups, on right side you will have a field where you can add your codes. You can add as many 'customer-group-to-code' mapping as you would like.
    Customer group selector code mapping

Other extension settings:

Customer group selector settings

  • Available customer groups
    From this setting, you can select which all customer groups are to be available on frontend for customers to choose from. This is useful when you want to restrict customers from getting associated to certain customer groups that are created for reserved/specific purpose.
  • Frontend label
    In this field, you can enter the title text that you want to display on top of the customer selector dropdown/field. This gives you the ability to clearly convey the purpose of the dropdown/field to your customers.
  • Is required field
    From this setting, you can configure whether the customer is mandatorily required to select a group or not. If 'No' is selected then the customer can choose to skip selecting a customer group. If 'Yes' is selected here then your customers will have to choose a customer group before they can create their new account or save their existing account.
  • Show in forms
    From this section, you can choose which forms you want to show the selector in. By default it has 2 options available. You can show it on Customer registration form and/or Account edit form.

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  • Free updates for 1 year.
  • Free support for 1 year. If you have any issues with the extension purchased please contact us using the contact form or by using the live chat.
  • Meets Magento standard development practices. No core files will be over written.
  • 100% open source.


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