Is it possible to approve/reject multiple customers at the same from the admin?

The extension provides mass action options in the Manage Customers grid which lets you change the approval status of multiple customers at the same time.  Follow the steps below, to change approval status of a batch of customers:

  • Go to Customers > All Customers
  • Select the checkbox on each row corresponding to the customers whose approval status you wish to change.
  • Select Approve/Reject options from the Actions dropdown just above the grid on the left side.
  • Click the OK button in the popup displayed if you wish to go ahead with the change.  

How can I customize the emails that are sent upon registration, approval and rejection?

We have three different email templates that come with the extension: Customer Approved, Customer Rejected and Account Registration admin notification. To customize any or all of these templates follow the instructions on Customize email templates using the admin - Magento 2. Follow the steps below, to use the new customized email templates:

  • Go Stores > Configuration > Hungersoft Extensions > Customer Approval
  • Select the appropriate new customized email templates in the dropdowns Approved Email Template and Rejected Email Template under section Email Settings for approved and rejected action resepectively.
  • Set customized email template for admin notification on new registration by selecting that new template in the dropdown Email Template under section Admin Notification.  

How do I redirect the customers to a custom page on registration?

Customers can be redirected to either an internal CMS page or an external URL upon registration.

  • Go Stores > Configuration > Hungersoft Extensions > Customer Approval
  • Under Redirect Settings, select the CMS page in the dropdown Redirect to CMS page to which you want your customers redirected upon registration or enter the Custom Redirect URL  

Is it possible to automatically approve every customer on registration and change the approval status later(if needed)?

Yes, it is possible to auto approve customers on registration and change their status later if needed. Just set Yes against the option Auto Approve Customers in the extension configuration page in the admin.  

Can I send an email to multiple administrator(s) on new customer registration?

Yes, you can send email to multiple administrator(s) upon new customer registration.

  • Go Stores > Configuration > Hungersoft Extensions > Customer Approval
  • In the Recipients field under the section Admin Notification enter the email addresses to which you want the notification sent. Separate each email address with a comma(,).

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