Magento 2 allows you to override any of the default or theme based email templates using the admin. Follow the steps below to configure a custom email template:

  • In the admin, go to Marketing > Communications > Email Templates
Configure Email Templates
  • Click on the Add New Template button.

Creating a new template

You can load an existing template and then do the changes accordingly, or you can create a template from scratch.

  • If you want to load an existing template, select the template from the Template dropdown in the Load default template section on top. Click on the Load Template button once you have selected the template.
  • The path to the configuration settings for the template loaded, is shown against This path is used to configure the new template to be used, instead of the default template.
  • Template Name: Enter a name to identify you custom email template in the admin configuration.
  • Template Subject: Enter the subject of the email. You can add system variables in this field.
  • Template Content: Customize the body of your email by editing this field. For more information, see customizing the email template content.
  • Template Styles: This field is optional. You can add css styles in this field, which will then be added to the <head></head> section of your email inside the <style></style> tag.
  • Click on the Save Template button to save your email template. You can also preview the email template before saving by clicking on Preview Template button.
Now that you have finished creating your email template, you must configure it to be used for a specific action.
  • Go to the path specified against Currently Used For, in the email template. In our example: Stores > Configuration > Sales > Checkout > Payment Failed Emails.
  • Select the new template from the dropdown against Payment Failed Template.
  • Click Save Config button to save the configuration.


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