Magento is retiring its Community Edition ver. 1.X .You can read more about that in our previous post.
To show their dedication and support towards the flourishing and vibrant community, Magento has promised to keep providing security updates till 2020.

As a part of that promise, Magento has yet again released a new security patch (SUPEE-11086) on 26th March, 2019!
This new security patch contains security enhancements that protect your webshop from vulnerabilities like remote code execution (RCE), cross-site request forgery (CSRF) and cross-site scripting (XSS). You can read more about it in detail from here.

This patch is applicable to all webshops developed on Magento CE versions lower than We recommend that you urgently get this patch implemented on your Magento CE 1.X webshop(s).
Hungersoft can implement SUPEE-11086 on your Magento webshop quickly and correctly, while following standard protocol for implementing security patches on live sites. We have already implemented it successfully on webshops of our existing clients.

You can also upgrade your Magento CE 1.X webshop to Magento Open Source ver to get the security cover that SUPEE-11086 provides.

Note: Make sure that you implement and test the security patch in a staging build (which is a copy of your live site) first. Implementing it directly on live site can cause problems if there are some issues in the patch compatibility or implementation.

Feel free to contact Hungersoft for all your Magento security patch and update related queries and tasks.

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