Magento is one of the biggest Ecommerce platform out there and one of the main reasons for its success is the thriving community that uses and supports it. The knowledge and resources get exchanged freely between community members from all levels. Be it business owners, non-technical users, amateur developers or very experienced programmers, everybody contributes to the community.
We too believe in providing our contribution towards growth of this platform. As developers of premium quality Magento 1 and 2 extensions, we always strive to create useful extensions that make Magento easy, fun and effective.
Each extension at is a result of our passion and a lot of hard-work from our team-members. Some of the extensions we develop are so useful and necessary that we decided to offer them for free.

We humbly present to you some of our free but very useful Magento 2.x extensions:

Admin Re-indexer [M2]
This is a very basic extension that should definitely be in your Magento 2.x webshop. It does not adds any new features to the frontend but is like a boon to for the backend administrators.
It allows you to re-index your data from Magento 2 backend easily and without any help from a developer. It will save alot of your time because there are many functions in Magento that can need re-index and having the ability to run it whenever you want is a great power. Install it today and take advantage of this power to re-index data at will.


Magento 2 Admin Re-indexer

Product image cleaner for Magento 2
This one is again a great tool to have at your disposal if you are running a Magento 2.x webshop with a huge and dynamic catalog.
If you keep adding new products and delete old ones in your webshop then this Product image cleaner extension can be of great use for you.
If you delete a product in Magento then the system deletes most of its data from the database but images of those product get left behind in database as well as media folder.
These unused product images keep lying as junk. A lot of junk images in your Magento build can make its size un-necessarily bigger and junk entries in the database can also slow down your webshop.
Hungersoft’s Product Image Cleaner extension allows you to delete these unused product images easily from Magento backoffice. Install it today and get rid of all those junk Product images from your Magento 2.x webshop.


Magento 2 Product Image Cleaner extension by Hungersoft

Default Shipping & Payment method selection in Magento 2
This extension is built to save time for your customers and make your checkout process a bit faster for them.
It gives you the ability to pre-select the most commonly used shipping method and payment method when they load on checkout page. That saves the trouble of atleast 2 clicks for a majority of your customers and hence saves their time and energy. The faster people can complete their orders, the better it is for you.
Using this extension, you can:

  • Enable/disable pre-selection of shipping and payment method individually.
  • Choose which method to be pre-selected.
  • Choose the logic for selecting the fall-back method, if the default one is not applicable or available.


Facebook Comments for Magento 2
Hungersoft's Facebook Comments extension lets you give your customers an option to share their thoughts in form of Facebook comments right from product pages in your Magento webshop. Visitors do not have to leave your webshop and can still post their comments, reviews and feedback easily and can also choose to share their comment on their Facebook profile.
From extension settings you can easily manage following details of the Facebook comment block on your product detail page:

  • Title of the Facebook comments block on product page.
  • Number of comments to display per page.
  • Default sort order for comments.
  • Width of the comment block.



We will continue to develop high quality and free Magento 2 extensions for our customers and friends in the community. Feel free to take full advantage of these free extensions.

Contact us if you have any ideas, feedback, suggestions or queries regarding our Magento extensions.

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