Easily highlight offers on products, products with special price, new products in store, etc. using our Product Labels / Sale Sticker extension.

  • Highlight products with custom stickers
  • Create rules to apply to products automatically.
  • Prioritize rules.
  • Manage labels/stickers for individual products.
  • and more...
2.0.0 - 2.4.x CE & EE

Price: $79.00

The Product Labels extension allows you to display labels for your product for various conditions such as: when the product is on sale, to highlight new products in the store, to show stock messages and other static messages or dynamic messages using the variables that come with this extension. Thus allowing you to attract more customers showing visually attractive call to action texts.

This extension allows you to show labels manually at a product level as well as using conditions to match multiple products that belong to the same label group. You can upload different images for single product view page and multiple product listing for every rule or every product created. The extension also allows you to position the label using the predefined positions tags or you can add custom css to position it anywhere on the product image.

Features Included

  • Show labels at a product level.
  • Add unlimited rules to show match products and show labels.
  • Add conditions to trigger rules.
  • Configure rules at a store level.
  • Select customer groups that can view labels for a particular rule.
  • Prioritize rules.
  • Specify duration to show labels pertaining to the rule.
  • Upload different images for single product view page and product listing blocks.
  • Use predefined positions to show labels or use custom css.
  • Use predefined variables to show dynamic text on the labels such as product attribute values, stock, special price remaining time etc.
    • ##DP## - discount percentage
    • ##RP## - regular price
    • ##SP## - special price
    • ##SA## - save amount
    • #SPDL# - days left for special price (2 days)
    • #SPHL# - hours left for special price (5 hours)
    • #SPTL# - time left for special price
    • ##NL## - new line
    • ##STK## - amount in stock.
    • ##ATTR:attribute_code## - custom attribute


  • Free updates for 1 year.
  • Free support for 1 year. If you have any issues with the extension purchased please contact us using the contact form or by using the live chat.
  • Meets magento standard development practices. No core files will be over written.
  • 100% open source.
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