Login as Customer [M2] extension is a simple and easy-to-use tool that allows store administrators to log into customer accounts on frontend, directly from store backend. With help of this extension, you can assist your registered customers with their account related issues and checkout process.

  • See how your store frontend looks and works for your logged-in customers.
  • Use 'Login as Customer' link available at various places like Customer grid & detail page, Order grid & detail page, Invoice/Shipment/Credit-memo detail pages.
  • You do not need to ask for customer’s login credentials so it will saves your time and efforts.
  • It saves and lists each customer account login attempt by admin users. You always access this history from a dedicated grid in Magento backend.
Magento 2.3.x - 2.4.x & EE

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Hungersoft's Login as Customer [M2] extension is very useful tool to have in scenarios like:

  • Many times customers face issues in their 'My Account' area or in during order process and they ask customer-support to help them resolve the issue. With Hungersoft's Login as Customer [M2] extension, store admin can easily login to account of those customers and look at the issue themselves and provide customers with a solution.
  • There are situations where you need to check/test something but do not want to disturb your customers by contacting them for their login details. When you are using this extension, you do not need customer’s username or password. You can directly login to their customer account using ‘Login as customer’ link provided by this extension at various places in backend.
  • Some customers (B2B, walk-in to physical store, or customers with no internet access) request for their orders to be placed in the store on their behalf. Store admin or sales team can quickly login to respective customer's account and place their order from their account.
  • In some marketing campaigns, businesses need to provide with discount codes or promotional rules specific to customer accounts. This extension makes it easier for admin to check if their rules/discount-codes are working correctly on the frontend for those specific customer accounts or not.
  • It helps with testing & debugging when you add new features in customer account section.
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