Guest to Customer extension for Magento 2 allows store administrator to easily turn guest customers into registered customers. It is loaded with many useful features :

  • Automatically convert guest customers to registered customers after they checkout.
  • Assign guest orders to existing customer accounts.
  • Assign order address to customer account.
  • Choose customer group for the customer accounts to be assigned to by default.
  • Dedicated button to bulk convert old guest orders into customer account
  • Dedicated grid page for overview and mass-action of all guest customers
  • Convert to Customer links available on list and detail pages of order, invoices, shipments & credit memo.
  • Save and display old guest orders under the same registered customer account if customer email matches.
Magento 2.2 - 2.4.x

Price: $49.00

Almost all online shoppers understand the benefits of creating an account, but most shoppers do not like to go through extra steps or provide unnecessary details while shopping. This behaviour is understandable because customers are already pre-occupied with selecting the right product, providing their valid billing and delivery address, choosing the most-suitable shipping option and carefully entering correct payment details. As a result, opting to creat an account while checking-out does not feels natural or necessary to most customer.

Additional registration steps/fields also slow down the order process and that increases the chances of customer changing their mind mid-process and dropping off the order.

If you make ‘registration step’ optional and they skip it then you lose the opportunity to attract them back towards your store for future orders.

On the other hand, if you force your customers to manually register in your store, most of them will choose not to complete the purchase and buy from a shop where guest orders are allowed.

Easiest way to deal with this tricky challenge is to make it as easy as possible for customers to get registered in your store. And nothing is easier than automating your registration process.

Hungersoft’s Guest-to-Customer extension (for Magento 2.x) can automatically convert guest customers into registered customers. Your customer will be free to place their orders as a guest and our extension will create an account for them automatically. Admin can also choose to do this guest-to-registered-customer conversion manually from backend.

The best part of having this extension is that it brings in a lot of convenience and saves time for customers as well as store administrators.

It helps with growing your customer database and helps your customers by keeping all their order history and updates at one place.

In addition to that, it can also do a lot of other awesome things.
For example, it can add the address used in the guest order to the newly created customer account. That means the customer does not has to fill in their address again when they come to place their order next time.
Admin can choose a default customer group where the newly created guest-to-registered customer accounts will be assigned to. This makes it easier for admin to keep all such customer accounts at one place.

The extension also provides a button that can bulk convert old guest orders into customer accounts.
You just have to click one button and the extension will take care of the rest. It will go through all guest orders in your store and convert them into registered customer accounts.

You also get a dedicated grid page in Magento backend from where you can see a list of all guest customers. From this page, you can convert them individually or also use the mass-action option to turn them all into registered customers.

To make it easier for the admin, this extension also adds ‘Convert to Customer’ links available on list and detail pages of order, invoices, shipments & credit memo.

The extension can automatically save and display old guest orders under the same registered customer account if email id matches.
Ie, when a guest customer completes their order on checkout page and is turned into a registered customer by this extension, all previous orders placed using the same email id will also get assigned to the newly created customer account.
That means the next time this customer places a guest order using same email id, the order will automatically get associated with their registered customer account.

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