Speed up your webpage rendering time by deferring loading of JavaScript using our Defer JS extension.

  • Add Javascript to the end of the document.
  • Select URLs to be excluded from deferring.
  • Manually exclude scripts from deferring.
  • Maintain your HTML validity.
  • and more...
2.0.0 - 2.4.x CE & EE

Price: $29.00

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Defer loading of Javascript in the document by placing all the Javascript in the HTML document at the bottom of the document, thus improving your overall document load time.

Magento 2 uses Require JS which automatically defers loading and parsing of most of the Javascript files. However, the loading of inline Javascripts and Require JS itself are not deferred. This can increase the initial load time of your pages. The Defer JS extension defers loading of all Javascript on your store, including inline Javascript.

You can choose to disable certain Magento controller actions and/or URLs from deferring Javascript when the respective pages are loaded. This allows you to have complete control over which pages of your website should and which pages should not defer javascript.

You can also disable only certain scripts in a page from being deferred by adding a nodefer attribute to the respective script tag.

The extension is fully configurable at a store view level giving you complete control over which stores in your multistore setup defer Javascript and which don't.

Features Included

  • Defer loading of Javascript.
  • Exclude controller actions from deferring Javascript.
  • Exclude URLs from deferring Javascript.
  • Exclude scripts from deferring by adding a nodefer attribute to the script tag.
  • Configurable at a store view level.
  • Maintains HTML validity.


  • Free updates for 1 year.
  • Free support for 1 year. If you have any issues with the extension purchased please contact us using the contact form or by using the live chat.
  • Meets magento standard development practices. No core files will be over written.
  • 100% open source.
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