Hungersoft’s Honeypot extension for Magento 2.x allows store owners to protect their forms against attack of spam submissions by bots. It adds a hidden honeypot field to the form and then uses that field input as a trigger to block spam form submissions.

  • You can choose to activate it easily on standard Magento forms like login, customer registration, forgot password, change password, contact us and product review form.
  • You can also apply Honeypot on your custom forms.
  • Easily enable/disable the Honeypot mechanism from Magento backend.
2.3.x - 2.4.x

Price: $39.00

Almost all store owners face the problem of spam attacks on one or many of the forms active on their store frontend. These attacks can heavily harm your store and hence your revenue. They not only waste your server resources but can also increase the size and quality of your database. Most commonly attacked forms are customer registration forms and contact forms. These forms add data to your database and hence cannot be allowed to be attacked and misused.

Customer registration forms are also attacked by bots which use real email ids of innocent people. On form submission, these email ids receive welcome email from your store and since they didn’t register themselves, they mark the email as spam. This can harm reputation of your domain and server IP and can cause your genuine emails to be marked as spam by email service providers.

Hungersoft's Honeypot extension uses the simple ‘HoneyPot’ technique to avoid spam submissions by bots.
It adds a hidden field within the form. This hidden field is not visible to ordinary human users and they are not expected fill to it. It also means that this technique does not disturbs your human customers at all.
However, the spam bots cannot recognize this hidden field and they see it as just another field in the form and hence fill it with some value and submits it. On submission, the extension logic checks whether the hidden field is empty or filled in with a value. If empty, the form data is allowed to get submitted and processed further. If the hidden field has a value filled-in then the submission is marked as spam and hence rejected.

Once the extension is installed in your store, all you have to do is to login to the backend > enable it > select which forms you want to activate honeypot on > Save.

You can easily activate it on all standard forms like:

  • Customer login form
  • Customer registration form
  • Forgot password and Change password form
  • Contact us form
  • Product review form

If you have custom forms active on your store then you can also use the advanced fields: Selector and Form action.
In 'Form action' field, you can fill in {module}_{controller/action_path}_{action} for action that needs the honeypot check.
In ‘Selectors’ field you can add the respective CSS element selector that matches the specific form.

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