Are you migrating from Magento 2.x to BigCommerce?

Hungersoft's Magento 2 to BigCommerce data-migration tool will make your transition smooth by letting you migrate all your data from your Magento 2.x store to your new BigCommerce based store.

Advantages of using Hungersoft’s M2-to-BigCommerce data-migration tool:

  • It uses standard Magento 2.x and BigCommerce API to transfer data.
  • Does not needs any custom development or adjustments in your stores.
  • No need to install anything on your Magento 2 or BigCommerce store.
  • Dedicated Data-migration Specialist will assist you with migration.
Magento 2.x & BigCommerce

From $1,000.00

    Magento 2.x is a very popular ecommerce platform and it is loaded with great features. It is also supported by a huge and vibrant community that provides tons of customization and extensions that can improve your Magento 2.x store alot.

    Despite all its advantages and benefits, Magento 2.x isn't for everyone. It definitely is a resource intensive platform and needs periodic maintenance and care. Magento 2.x developers also cost more when compared to developers working with other simpler platforms. Magento 2.x back-office and work-flow can also leave small business owners irritated and frustrated.

    When it comes to growing merchants who do not want to deal with a whole lot of complex features and expensive developers, BigCommerce* can be a great choice. BigCommerce has alot of useful and important features out-of-the-box and it is much easier to build, run and grow your store built on BigCommerce. Our M2 to BigCommerce data-migration tool is built for such store owners. It can help you easily and quickly migrate products, customers and orders from your Magento 2.x platform to your new BigCommerce platform.

    The M2 to BigCommerce data-migration tool can migrate most of your data:
    •  Product data including name, price, SKU, description, URL keys, meta-data, weight, related products, stock values, images, reviews and variants (including data of those assoc. simple products).
    •  Product category data like category name, description, images URLs and meta-data
    • Customer data including customer name, email, customer group and their saved addresses (billing and shipping).
    •  Order data

    Our data-migration specialists will understand and analyze your requirements with you and then come up with best possible data-migration approach.

    We also offer custom solutions for all your Magento 2.x and BigCommerce requirements. Feel free to contact us for a tailor-made quote.

    *Disclaimer: BigCommerce logo and name are trademarks of BigCommerce Pty. Ltd.. Hungersoft is not affiliated with or endorses BigCommerce products.

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