Developing, maintaining and growing a successful website, shop or online presence can be a daunting process for many businesses. It not only requires excellent development and administration skills, but also understanding of the entire technological landscape. It is very important to find the right technical partner in this journey who not only understands your requirements but also shares your vision.

What we offer

We are perfect partners when it comes to all your e-commerce and CMS needs, specializing in custom built responsive websites and shops, web applications, extension/plugin development, integrations, servers and maintenance.
In addition to custom development services, what sets us apart is that we also offer a range of performance optimization services that can speed up your website or shop and make it lightening fast. We also have a great collection of Magento 1 and 2 extensions that beat even the market-leaders in terms of features, stability and compatibility. Feel free to check out the reviews from our customers to get a sense of who we are.

We provide professional development services catering to all your needs. Our development team will gather your requirements and come up with the best possible solutions to get you exactly what you want.


We provide you with beautifully crafted design nurtured to fit your requirement. Our designs focus on usability and provide your users with an intuitive experience giving you an edge over your competitors.


Developed an application but unsure about the best way to deploy it? We will help you take your application live, from selecting the right resources to setting it up completely, we do it all.

Support & Maintenance

Going live is just the beginning of your online presence. Regular support & maintenance is a crucial aspect of your site's success. We provide support & maintenance packages so that we are there when you need us. We provide the fastest and the best support to all our customers.

Security Audit

Worried that your web application is not secure? Worried about the safety of your customer's information or whether your application conforms to regulations such as the GDPR? We provide detailed audit reports on what makes your store vulnerable, and what you can do to fix these vulnerabilities.


The time it takes for your pages to load and usability are the most important factors determining conversions. Are you losing customers due to slow pages or poor usability? We will analyze your website and provide you with solutions to improve your site's performance and usability.

Data Integration

Want to connect your systems with third party services? We will integrate any third party solutions you need to connect to.


Every problem has a solution. All it takes is the right mindset to fix it. Get your issues fixed quickly by our expert debuggers.

Hire us for fixed hours

Need advice about technology and development, or a second opinion about any aspect of your tech stack? Hire us for a fixed number of hours.

How we work

Apart from our technical prowess, we are obsessed with efficiency of our communication channels and response time. We insist on participation of all stakeholders in all stages of projects, so you will be directly communicating with our managers, developers and testers throughout the project. 

Our development methods are flexible and cost-effective, with a focus on results over jargon and buzzwords. You will get an extremely efficient project-management that not only ensures your project is completed on time but also exactly the way you envision it.



Building a new web presence or improving an existing one with your ideas requires someone who can think with you. We work with you to understand and refine your ideas, suggest our own and deliver what you need. We make sure to suggest you the best options to move forward so as to get the best results.

Planning & Prototyping

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” ― Benjamin Franklin. Planning is an important phase in the development process. We decide on the best way to develop your product based on your requirements with a flexible plan to account for future inspirations. With iterative prototyping, you have a preview of the final product.


It's time to build. We work on building your product while keeping you in the loop with our project tracker. This is not the time to sit back and watch. Instead, you are an active part of the process. With a direct line of communication to the development and testing team, you work with us to shape the final product as we develop it. 

Maintenance & Support

The world stops for no one and technology even less so. You need to keep pace with the changes in technology and systems running your application. We offer full support and maintenance to keep your applications up-to-date in all aspects including security, performance, and usability so you can focus on the business.

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