Many businesses sell commodities in standard units, and their customers order always in bulk. I.e. many webshops sell products in big/bulk packs and these packs contain multiple units of that product.
For example, one of our esteemed client has a B2B webshop which sells candies by boxes. They display product price as the price of the entire box (which contains specific number/weight of candies). This is the standard and expected way of displaying product prices, but since it is a B2B webshop, their customers also want to know price of 100 grams or 1 Kilograms of that candy. They want the product detail page to also the price of candy per Kg or per 100 grams.

While placing orders, it is not very easy for customers to calculate prices per unit. It becomes the webshop owner's responsibility to make the shopping experience smooth and easy for their customers. Providing clear and more price information on product detail and list pages can always help the customers in taking their purchasing decisions.

Hungersoft's Base Price extension for Magento 2 helps webshop owners with this problem. May be that is the reason why it is one of our bestselling extension across various platforms.

Our Base Price extension can display product price per unit of quantity. It calculates the base price by using the amount of product and the reference amount specified per product. The webshop owner can enter these amounts on product level from their Magento back office. You can display the base price on both list product list pages and product detail pages. Ie. Your customers get to see the costs per unit even on the product list pages, which helps a lot when they are still browsing through products.
The extension also allows the admin to customize the text displayed with the unit pricing on the frontend. You can show your various promotional or usefull text along with the price information.
There are configurable options on product level in backend where the admin can fill values and select correct units, and the Base Price extension calculates and displays the information correctly on frontend.
The best part is that our Base Price extension does not touches the standard Magento price display mechanism but adds another block near the standard price block so that you can convey more detailed information about pricing of the products.
It provides you with multiple metrics to choose for weight, volume, length, etc.
The extension also provides automatic conversions from base metric to valid reference metric. Example: Base metric millimetre to reference metric litre.
All features are multi-store compatible, so you can also have different configurations on different store levels.

Thanks to all the support and positive feedback from webshop owners who purchased our Base Price extension, we are developing a new improved version of the extension and will be launching it soon.

The new version will have features like:

- The previous version had units managed within the extension itself. No additional units or conversions could be added.
In the new version the attributes (base_price_reference_unit and base_price_unit) are editable. You can edit them in stores > attribute > product. I.e. you can add new options under manage options.

- It can be used on multi-lingual stores now. You can manage translations using following 2 methods:
a. You can setup labels in the attribute edit page for each store-view
b. Or you can use the translation file that comes with the extension.

- reference_amount_unit_raw: this is a new label format which can be used in the Base price config at Stores > configuration > Hungersoft extensions > Base Price
it shows the label as is entered in the attribute configuration in the admin.

- Default options that are available are loaded in the Base price configuration page in the editable grid, so admin can modify the conversion rates from there.

- You can add new options for each of base_price_reference_unit and base_price_unit attributes which will show the option in the configuration page and you can add conversion rates for that as well.

We will be releasing the new version soon on and Magento marketplace. Existing users will be able to download the new version from their accounts.
Feel free to write to Hungersoft if you have any questions about this extension or about any of our products.

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