Hungersoft's Instagram widget extension is developed for store owners who want to fetch latest images from their Instagram profile and display them on their Magento 2.x store frontend. This nifty and easy-to-use extension allows store owners to decorate and modernise their pages by displaying attractive images from their Instagram feed.

Some salient features of this extension:

  • You can display Instagram widget on any page or section of your Magento 2 frontend.
  • You can display custom title and description text above your Instagram widget.
  • You can configure it to open images in a new browser tab when a visitor clicks on them.
  • You can decide the number of images you want to display per row in the widget.
  • You can add enable or disable padding between images in the grid.
  • Allows you to configure maximum number of images to fetch and display.
  • Has multiple image sort order options available.
  • Has multiple image resolution options available.

Magento 2.2.x - 2.3.x

Price: $49.00

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms as of now. It reaches more than 1 billion+ active users per month. Businesses and digital marketers cannot afford to ignore this powerful medium. Those who use Instagram optimally are always rewarded by greater customer retention and increased footfall to their businesses, be it a physical store or an ecommerce store. Customers feel more connected and remain loyal to the brand and products when they see high-resolution and beautiful images of the products.

One of the easier ways of attracting customers to your online store is by integrating the store with your Instagram feed. You can then display all your amazing Instagram pictures on landing or common pages of your online store. This not only gives a 'trending' feeling to your online store but also makes it visually appealing to the visitors.

Keeping this in mind, Hungersoft developed and launched the Instagram widget extension. This extension can be easily installed in a Magento 2.x store and it just takes a few simple steps to create and display awesome Instagram widget(s) on any part of your store frontend.

From Instagram widget settings, you can also enter catchy title and description text that will be displayed above the Instagram widget on frontend. This gives you the ability to put descriptive and SEO rich text with the image widget.

When visitors click on the images in the Instagram widget, the image opens in a new browser tab. That means the online store still remains open in a browser tab of the visitor, hence allowing the visitor to return to the store quickly once they are done relishing images on your Instagram feed.

Your Instagram feed might have hundreds or thousands of images and you might not want to fetch and display all of them on your store frontend. The extension has a setting from where you can configure maximum number of images to fetch and display. It also has a setting to control the number of images that should be displayed per row in the Instagram widget.

It also lets you display images in the grid with or without padding between them. This way you can manage the look of the widget.

It also lets you choose from following image sort order options:

  • As they come from Instagram
  • Newest first
  • Oldest first
  • Most likes first
  • Least likes first
  • Most comments first
  • Least comments first
  • Random order

The extension also provides you with following image resolution options:

  • Thumbnail (150x150)
  • Low (306x306)
  • Standard (612x612)

The extension is also easy to install and configure. It uses Magento widget functionality to create Instagram widget(s) so that makes it easy to use as well. To speed up the initial configuration process, we have added following automation to the settings:

  • Auto populates 'Redirect URL' in the extension setting.
  • Automatically fetches and populates 'Access token' value in the extension setting.
  • Helps you to get the application code easily.
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