The ability to sort products on product list pages is a very important tool for good user experience. If your Magento 2.x store sells a lot of products then you simply cannot afford to ignore our Advanced Product Sort extension.

Advanced Product Sort extension by Hungersoft can increase the reachability of your products and help your customers in making their purchase decision quickly!

  • Offer multiple useful sorting options to your customers
  • Sort products by parameters like 'Best Selling', 'Most Reviewed' etc.
  • Easily choose which sorting options you want to offer on frontend
  • The extension works as an addition to default Magento sort options.
Magento 2.2.x - 2.4.x

Price: $39.00

Standard Magento only gives 3 sorting options on product list pages: Position, Product name and Price.
Of these 3, only the ‘Sort by price’ options gets really used by customers.
Most customers expect and demand many more and useful sorting options while they are navigating through hundreds and thousands of products. In absence of good navigation and sort options, customers end up wasting a lot of time before they reach the right product and many get frustrated and even distracted by other activities. This can affect your conversion rates and hence harm your business.
By providing multiple sorting options you can turn a visitor into a customer as you are making their shopping experience comfortable and smooth.

Hungersoft’s Advance Product Sort extension for Magento 2 is a great UX tool that can help you improve usability of your product list pages. Your customers will be able to easily and quickly navigate to the product that matches their search. It also gives your customers an insight into what other customers are buying and hence helps them find the best-selling or most viewed or reviewed products in your Magento store.

Sort by Bestselling
The fastest way to buy a good product is to buy what everyone else is buying. Best-seller products in any category are rarely bad and always give the best value for money. The ability to sort products using this parameter is a very usefull feature for customers who do not have enough time to do their own research. They can simply buy the best-selling product and be satisfied with it. It also helps store owners since it pushes their top selling product to the top of the product list page and it ends up selling even more.

Sort by New
This sort option is very important for online stores that sell seasonal or time-dependent products like fashion garment or consumer electronics. Most customers like to buy new and latest products. This ‘Sort by New’ options helps them easily find the latest products in your catalog. Your new products will be shown right at the top of your product list pages and customers will be able to see and purchase them quickly.

Sort by Last Ordered
This sort option allows customers to buy hot-selling products. When a customer uses this sorting option, recently purchased products show up higher in the list. This can help them decide if they want to buy what others are buying at that moment.

Sort by Most Viewed
Hundreds and thousands (and sometimes even millions) of visitors visit your online store. Many are casually browsing and look at only the products that catch their attention. They might not order those products but those products are definitely on their mind. This ‘Sort by Most Viewed’ option allows customers to sort products by the number of times they have been viewed by other visitors.

Sort by Rating & Sort by Reviews Count
Shopping has traditionally been a social experience. Friends and family used to go to brick & mortar shops and buy only the products that were liked or recommended by the people they trusted. Online shopping is mostly an individual experience but customers still like and prefer to see what others think of the products. Reviews and ratings are a great way to know that. The options to sort products by rating and reviews given by other customers definitely builds more trust and increases the chance that the customer will buy the product which has been highly rated by other customers.

Sort by Wishlist
This unique sort option allows customers to sort products by number of times it has been added to wishlist of other registered customers. So if an items has been added to wishlist by many customers then it will show at the top of the product list page. Everyone wants to own products that others wish and desire. This ‘Sort by Wishlist’ option can be a great tool to peek into what others want.

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